Panther Flammenvernichter Muffler
1:35 Resin 

This upgrade kit include 12 superbly cast resin parts 
plus 28 resin fins to build 2 complete fire trap muffler. 
For Dragon/Tamiya Panther ausf.G and Jadgpanther.

Our Muffler is not just having the correct number of fins but they are designed as individual fin giving the most realistic appearance. Each assembly include one delicately cast piece (with 14 fins) plus 14 individual fins.
Note:Dragon's muffler has 32 fins while Tamiya's muffler has 24 fins.

The Muffler itself is also highly detailed with ultra thin wall, faithfully reproduced collar ring details and off centre weld seam etc...

Included with the kit is the Hand Crank Guide and an accurately reproduced Rear Convoy Light.

Comparison with Dragon's muffler.

Fu2/Fu15 Radio 
1:35 Resin + PE

This kit include 21 highly detail resin parts and PE parts to built into one Fu2/Fu15 radio set.

Overall view of the finished radio set, the radio has clear cover for dashboard.

Consist of only the front and rear frame, the radio frame is precisely cast in resin. Photos below showing the front and rear view of the resin radio frame (2 parts) with PE parts added.

2 different type of PE locking catch is included

The transformer - EUa is highly detail and comes with a separate base mount. 

A set of connection boxes, cable sockets, socket extension and plugs are included with this kit

An extra mount is also included for stug 3 ausf.G

Fu5/Fu16 Radio (Double Frame)
1:35 Resin + PE

The Fu5 radio is the standard panzer radio, it is installed in almost every panzer, Stug III, IV, Bison 2 and many beute SP gun etc. This kit include 50 highly detail resin parts and PE parts to built into one Fu5/Fu16 radio set with horizontal double frame.

Overall view of the finished radio set.
The radios are highly detail even the clear cover for dashboard are included.

Consist of only the front and rear frame, the radio frame is precisely cast in resin. Photos below showing the bare resin radio frame (2 parts only) and the finished radio frame with PE parts added.

The highly detail transformers - U10a and EUa come with separate base mount.

Included with the kit are a full set of control box (Kasten Pz. Nr.24) , loud speaker, different types of connection box, cable sockets, socket extension and plugs.

An extra mount is also included for stug 3 ausf.G
Sample showing the radio frame and various parts inside Dragon's stug 3. Note: with scratch build conduits and wiring

Panzer Mg set (Late Version)
1:35 Resin

This kit include 8 resin parts to equip at least one panzer with Ball Mount Mg and Turret Mantlet Mg.(For all brand)

A full Mg is included for Dragon kit with the new ball mount, just simply replace it, no modification is required.

For other kit, 2 barrels with different length is included plus an extra Turret Mantlet Mg for Dragon Panther, see examples below:

Comparison and details:

MG34 Gun Shield and Pivot Mount
1:35 Resin + PE

This kit include one complete MG34 gun shield, one complete pivot mount. Contain 8 resin parts and various PE details. This mount is used on early version Sdkfz250 and Sdkfz251. (For Dragon/AFV Club/Tamiya)

Picture below shows the Mg34 from 1120production being attached, Mg34 not included .

Rear pivot mount assembly. The small gun mount itself is fully workable (tilt up/down and rotate). The mount base is constructed with 2 detail PE parts.

1:35 Resin + PE

This kit include one complete MG34 with drum 
magazine, contain 17 resin parts, PE sling and 
various PE details, finish into the most detail
1:35 MG34 on the market.

The barrel and main gun body is produced as one single part while the highly detail barrel jacket (hollow cast), the front gun sight base and the bipod holding pin is also casted as one single piece.

The gun sights are highly detailed, even the engraved markings at the rear gun sight is included. Furthermore both gun sights are separate parts, this not only give more realism but you could actually built it into up/down position.

A section of ammo belt, spend ammo belt are included. Both are extremely detailed. A PE ammo belt start tap and a highly detail drum magazine is also included. The drum magazine is made with the cover in the slide-open position.
If you intended to show the ammo bay, the rear side of the bay cover has very nice detail.

The sling consists of 2 PE sling, a small PE buckle at front and a beautifully made resin rear buckle, this gives you more realism than the flat PE part normally provided.

Apart being used by the infantry, the MG34 is also mounted onto many German panzer, panzerjaeger, soft skinned vehicles by using an AA mount. This mount is also included with this kit. The 2 part resin mount faithfully captured the shape of the original. Photo showing the mount attached to the BMW R75.

WW2 German Periscope
1:35 Resin + PE
This kit includes 4 periscopes that was mostly used on WW2 German SP guns such as the Panzerjaeger 1, Marder 2, Marder 3, Narshorn.... etc. The periscopes could built into a lowered or raised position and without the periscope attached. This kit contains 13 resin parts, 4 clear resin periscopes and numerous PE parts to fit all the model kits. The periscope could built into a lowered or raised position.

Pictures below show the periscope mounted on Dragon Marder 3, Bronco Marder 2 and comparison photo with some injection kit part.