WW2 German Radio FuSprech a/d,f
1:35 Resin + PE
This radio kit contains 26 resin parts, a few PE parts to built into one highly detailed FuSprech radio set.

2 choices of radio is provided, the FuSprech a/d and FuSprech f. The detail radio frame is casted in one piece with a PE rear panel and side brackets which make construction simple and easy.

The SE Ua1 transformer is detailed from front to rear with separate power cable plug and extension faithfully reproduced. A photoetch base mount is also included in case you want to built the kit without the transformer.Font size

Speaker has details not only at both sides but at the bottom area as well. Other details including the intercom system Kasten Pz.Nr 23 and Kasten Pz.Nr 23a, various connection boxes, antenna mount etc.

Example showing radio installed on Dragon Marder 3 Initial.