Z20 German Gas Mask Canister with Vehicle Mount

German Gas Mask Canister with Vehicle Mount
1:35 Resin + PE

This kit contain 16 resin parts plus PE parts to built
2 German Gas Mask Canister Vehicle Mount with or
without gas mask

The Canister is cast in one piece with details at both ends plus
a extremely detail latch. The 3 brackets are separately cast in resin

Z-10 (2023 upgrade version)
1:35 Resin + PE

This kit include one complete MG34 with drum 
magazine, contain 16 resin parts, PE sling and 
various PE details in 1:35 scale

The barrel and main gun body is produced as one single part while the highly detail barrel jacket (hollow cast), the front gun sight base and the bipod holding pin is also casted as one single piece.

Photos below show some of the new upgrades :
The rear of stock is remade with much sharper detail.
A new lathe hand-tuned brass lock pin with added shoulder detail

The gun sights are highly detailed, even the engraved markings at the rear gun sight is included. Furthermore both gun sights are separate parts, this not only give more realism but you could actually built it into up/down position.

The bipods
Both bipods are totally remade with crisper details and improved profile

The open leg bipod now comes with a separate top mounting bracket and locking screw, this super detail hand tuned screw eliminate any possible part line

The drum magazine is now cast in one piece with handle where a short section of detail ammo belt will be attached. A highly detail "long" ammo belt is now included in the upgrade version with one end bend to 90 degree

If you intend to open the ammo bay, the cover inside is also fully detailed
An ammo belt start tap or section of spend ammo belt could be added as well

The sling consists of 2 PE sling, a small PE buckle at front and a beautifully made resin rear buckle, this gives you more realism than the flat PE part normally provided

Z19 Notek Light

Notek Light
1:35 Resin

This kit has 9 resin parts to built 2 Notek Light with standard mount and 1 Notek Light with Pz.Kpfw38(t) mount
Below is a fully assembled Notek Light with standard base mount & locking handle

Top View of the Light showing the tiny Notek logo faithfully reproduced

Bottom view showing the underside of the light is also fully detailed

In order to capture the exact detail/profile of the Base Mount, the original master is hand tuned in brass using a real sample as reference
Photo below showing the resin production part in comparison to the real sample
Mount for Pz.Kpfw.38(t) and its series (for all brand)

Example showing Notek Light on Tamiya Marder 3 Sdkfz139 (wire not included)

Z18 WW2 Sub Machine Gun

WW2 Sub Machine Gun
1:35 Resin

This kit contains 16 resin parts to built one PPSH, one MP40 with folded shoulder stock, one MP40 with opened shoulder stock and a MP40 vehicle mount.

A highly detail PPSH with through holes at all sides of the barrel shroud and a separate barrelFront and rear sight are faithfully reproduced with a micro front sight cover. Both sling brackets are also separately cast for ease of sling attachment. (Sling not included)

A highly detail MP40 with all details faithfully reproduced. Both sling bracket is cast open to ease sling attachment. Ultra fine should stock for folded and opened version. A vehicle mount is included, one piece casting with spring clip. The MP40 could simply snap on it. 
This vehicle mount is seen on many SPG such as Marder 2(Sdkfz131), Marder 3(Sdkfz139), Marder 3(Sdkfz138), Nashorn...etc.

Some close up details below

The Vehicle Mount

Z-17 Mg34 (for Panzer)

Mg34 for Panzer
1:35 Resin + PE

Photo above shows Mg34 attach to Remote Control Machine Gun Mount (item Z-16).
It is hooked at rear & clamp in front like the real one.

This kit is specially produced to fit our Remote Control Mg Mount (item Z-16) but it could also be use on all other panzers as well. Contain 12 resin parts & 2 PE parts including brackets for attaching the mg to Stug mg shield.
The barrel, main gun body and ammo cover is produced as one single part. The highly detail barrel jacket (hollow cast), front gun sight base and bipod holding pin is also casted as one single piece.

Both gun sights are separate parts and could be built into up/down position.

The drum magazine is made in slide-open position with a small section of highly detail ammo.

Additional bracket and mounts are provided for attaching the Mg34 to Stug shield as shown below, replacing those from plastic kit.

Z16 Remote Control Mg Mount

Remote Control Mg Mount
1:35 Resin

Photo above shows a rear view with Hetzer shield and a front view (without shield)
This is a highly accurate resin kit with 20 resin parts & 2 resin jigs. All parts are design/reproduced according to the real gun mount using measurements taken from the Hetzer at Austria Museum. For all 1:35 scale Hetzer, Stug 3 and Stug 4.

We would like to specially thank Mr. Kaminsky Georg-Lenz. Without his help this project could never be started. Georg not just help us to do the measuring but take a lot of patience to contact/liaise with the Museum.

Various overall views of gun mount without shield.
The control rods and periscope details are shown below. The control rod has different shapes: round rod at right and a flat bar at left.

Two different shields are included: Hetzer and Stug.

Below is a view showing the mount with Mg34 attached.
The Mg34 is from item Z-17, specially produced for this mount and other panzers.

A comparison of various mount.

Panther Flammenvernichter Muffler
1:35 Resin 

This upgrade kit include 12 superbly cast resin parts 
plus 28 resin fins to build 2 complete fire trap muffler. 
For Dragon/Tamiya Panther ausf.G and Jadgpanther.

Our Muffler is not just having the correct number of fins but they are designed as individual fin giving the most realistic appearance. Each assembly include one delicately cast piece (with 14 fins) plus 14 individual fins.
Note:Dragon's muffler has 32 fins while Tamiya's muffler has 24 fins.

The Muffler itself is also highly detailed with ultra thin wall, faithfully reproduced collar ring details and off centre weld seam etc...

Included with the kit is the Hand Crank Guide and an accurately reproduced Rear Convoy Light.

Comparison with Dragon's muffler.