WW2 German MG-34 Fliegerbeschussger├Ąt
1:35 Resin + PE
The MG-34 AA mount is widely use on german panzers - Pz3, Pz4, Panther, Tiger and King Tiger.
Kit contains 11 resin parts, 8 PE parts to built into one AA gun mount for panzer cupola. All details are faithfully reproduced, moving parts (swing arm, MG-34 mount etc...) are designed to be workable, adjust freely.

Overall views of the mount, attach to Dragon's Panther cupola

Details of the main body part, cast in one piece. 
Its so detail that even the locking teeth is faithfully reproduced.

The swinging arm is also a one piece casting.
The two distinctive shaped ends are shown attached at the rear ends while the lower half of the MG-34 mount is attached to the other end.

Comparison with major plastic kit part.
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