Fu5/Fu16 Radio (Double Frame)
1:35 Resin + PE

The Fu5 radio is the standard panzer radio, it is installed in almost every panzer, Stug III, IV, Bison 2 and many beute SP gun etc. This kit include 50 highly detail resin parts and PE parts to built into one Fu5/Fu16 radio set with horizontal double frame.

Overall view of the finished radio set.
The radios are highly detail even the clear cover for dashboard are included.

Consist of only the front and rear frame, the radio frame is precisely cast in resin. Photos below showing the bare resin radio frame (2 parts only) and the finished radio frame with PE parts added.

The highly detail transformers - U10a and EUa come with separate base mount.

Included with the kit are a full set of control box (Kasten Pz. Nr.24) , loud speaker, different types of connection box, cable sockets, socket extension and plugs.

An extra mount is also included for stug 3 ausf.G
Sample showing the radio frame and various parts inside Dragon's stug 3. Note: with scratch build conduits and wiring