Panther Flammenvernichter Muffler
1:35 Resin 

This upgrade kit include 12 superbly cast resin parts 
plus 28 resin fins to build 2 complete fire trap muffler. 
For Dragon/Tamiya Panther ausf.G and Jadgpanther.

Our Muffler is not just having the correct number of fins but they are designed as individual fin giving the most realistic appearance. Each assembly include one delicately cast piece (with 14 fins) plus 14 individual fins.
Note:Dragon's muffler has 32 fins while Tamiya's muffler has 24 fins.

The Muffler itself is also highly detailed with ultra thin wall, faithfully reproduced collar ring details and off centre weld seam etc...

Included with the kit is the Hand Crank Guide and an accurately reproduced Rear Convoy Light.

Comparison with Dragon's muffler.