Z16 Remote Control Mg Mount

Remote Control Mg Mount
1:35 Resin

Photo above shows a rear view with Hetzer shield and a front view (without shield)
This is a highly accurate resin kit with 20 resin parts & 2 resin jigs. All parts are design/reproduced according to the real gun mount using measurements taken from the Hetzer at Austria Museum. For all 1:35 scale Hetzer, Stug 3 and Stug 4.

We would like to specially thank Mr. Kaminsky Georg-Lenz. Without his help this project could never be started. Georg not just help us to do the measuring but take a lot of patience to contact/liaise with the Museum.

Various overall views of gun mount without shield.
The control rods and periscope details are shown below. The control rod has different shapes: round rod at right and a flat bar at left.

Two different shields are included: Hetzer and Stug.

Below is a view showing the mount with Mg34 attached.
The Mg34 is from item Z-17, specially produced for this mount and other panzers.

A comparison of various mount.