Z19 Notek Light

Notek Light
1:35 Resin

This kit has 9 resin parts to built 2 Notek Light with standard mount and 1 Notek Light with Pz.Kpfw38(t) mount
Below is a fully assembled Notek Light with standard base mount & locking handle

Top View of the Light showing the tiny Notek logo faithfully reproduced

Bottom view showing the underside of the light is also fully detailed

In order to capture the exact detail/profile of the Base Mount, the original master is hand tuned in brass using a real sample as reference
Photo below showing the resin production part in comparison to the real sample
Mount for Pz.Kpfw.38(t) and its series (for all brand)

Example showing Notek Light on Tamiya Marder 3 Sdkfz139 (wire not included)