Z18 WW2 Sub Machine Gun

WW2 Sub Machine Gun
1:35 Resin

This kit contains 16 resin parts to built one PPSH, one MP40 with folded shoulder stock, one MP40 with opened shoulder stock and a MP40 vehicle mount.

A highly detail PPSH with through holes at all sides of the barrel shroud and a separate barrelFront and rear sight are faithfully reproduced with a micro front sight cover. Both sling brackets are also separately cast for ease of sling attachment. (Sling not included)

A highly detail MP40 with all details faithfully reproduced. Both sling bracket is cast open to ease sling attachment. Ultra fine should stock for folded and opened version. A vehicle mount is included, one piece casting with spring clip. The MP40 could simply snap on it. 
This vehicle mount is seen on many SPG such as Marder 2(Sdkfz131), Marder 3(Sdkfz139), Marder 3(Sdkfz138), Nashorn...etc.

Some close up details below

The Vehicle Mount