Z-17 Mg34 (for Panzer)

Mg34 for Panzer
1:35 Resin + PE

Photo above shows Mg34 attach to Remote Control Machine Gun Mount (item Z-16).
It is hooked at rear & clamp in front like the real one.

This kit is specially produced to fit our Remote Control Mg Mount (item Z-16) but it could also be use on all other panzers as well. Contain 12 resin parts & 2 PE parts including brackets for attaching the mg to Stug mg shield.
The barrel, main gun body and ammo cover is produced as one single part. The highly detail barrel jacket (hollow cast), front gun sight base and bipod holding pin is also casted as one single piece.

Both gun sights are separate parts and could be built into up/down position.

The drum magazine is made in slide-open position with a small section of highly detail ammo.

Additional bracket and mounts are provided for attaching the Mg34 to Stug shield as shown below, replacing those from plastic kit.